Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Analysis of Strategic management and the position of Dialog Axiata PLC Research Paper

Analysis of strategical management and the position of Dialog Axiata PLC - Sri Lanka - Research Paper Example what is more the recruiting squad of the social club is always in the hunt for a pool of talented human resources that would attend the company in instituteting new benchmarks (Dialog, 2011). The company reflects a huge financial growth during the root empennage of the 2011 period compared to that of the 2010 period which showed a huge growth by around 64 percent. merely in regards to the marketplace for mobile phones and another(prenominal) telecommunication services the company reflects a growth by around 10 percent in a comparison drawn between the first quarter of the 2011 and 2010 period. However in close connection to the above facts the operating costs of the company along with other domestic and international installation charges grew in the first quarter of the 2011 period in sharp severalize to the 2010 period. (Dialog-a, 2011). Thus the paper in this con nection focuses to understand the strategic moves taken by the company in restoring its competitive position while tending to reduce the current operational cost. Critical Analysis of the strategic Position of Dialog Axiata PLC In the process of critically analyzing the strategic position of the business organization for the first time the parameters upon which the company becomes able to sustain its leadership in the market is analyzed. The company must have a definite mission based on which it punctuates the strategies to successfully satisfy the same. Further the company must machinate some definite goals and objectives which must be adequately based on the mission statement of the company. Strategic business units of the company must be identified that would help oneself in meeting the stated objectives. merely the hierarchal or the organizational twist of the concern must be evaluated in terms of the partitioning of the total responsibility among employees thereby enhanci ng on the accountability parameters. Finally the company management is also involve to set adequate monitoring systems to rightly monitor the activities taken to pursue the stated goals and thereby to set effective remedies to help reduce such gaps (Schein, 2010, p.74). In regards to the above discussion the vision, mission and value structure of the company would be analyzed. The company shares the organizational vision of being the leader in the Sri Lankan communication market through the innovation rendered in the field of communication technology. This strategy focused by the company would help in enriching the social image of the concern. Working on the above vision the company thereby focuses to set the organizational mission of helping to render potential activities in the sphere of sustaining better relationships with the customers. Further the company also desires its business processes to be highly flexible in meeting the changing demands of the market. This sets the orga nizational purification of the company which increases the parameters of accountability both in the internal and external sphere and also encourages the growth of team activities in the concern (Dialog-b, 2011). The above strategic analysis of the company

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