Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Creative Briefs Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Creative Briefs - Term Paper ExampleThe writer for hoagie Full o sappy has been prompted to write the creative brief in order to offer directions on the clients callisement. It is important that the advertisement takes advantage of the increased demand for home brewed coffee over specialty coffees for the writer. This writing style has been selected for rhetorical analysis because of my interest in advertising, especially with regards to design requirements. The Chock Full oNuts brief, for example, requires that the advert show the coffees regional allegiance to New York and the benefits of home brewing. Through a exposition of required landmarks and comparison of the both coffees, the writer seeks to create a mental image of what the advert should focus on. The writer also seems to assume that the readers know all about coffee. This is different to the Imogen Heaps brief, in which the writer gives the readers information on trends in the music industry. The writer has acted aft er communication with the client and search findings, which have moved him towards seeking to advertise the album on a digital platform. The writer utilizes description of the music industry through research findings, comparison of two music formats, and rationalization of the differences between the two platforms. By addressing this brief to the advertising team, the writer is seeking to establish a professional relationship with them.The Chock Full oNuts creative brief takes the stance that American coffee enthusiasts are play to home brewed coffee due to its lower price.

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