Saturday, April 20, 2019

Educationall Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Educationall Leadership - Essay ExampleFrom this reflect it is clear that management is a summons of organizing things and flock to work together for an brass. The two types of management styles embarrass scientific management and the human relations. The main purpose of scientific management is to increase the productiveness of the exclusives of an organization. It improves the productivity of an organization by increasing its production. As the discussion declares the role of a leader is to guide an organization towards a direction. It must be noted however that sometimes we may find leaders instead dominating. Another factor that encourages us to practice leadership is power motive which includes referent, legitimate rewards and coercive powers. whatever important approaches in educational leadership include particular set of skills, style, traits, path goal, transformational, LMX and situational approaches. After consciousness the concept of leadership we must know the d ifference between management and leadership. Management is a process that helps an organization to perform its function whereas leadership focuses to achieve a certain goal and keep the individual motivated. In educational leadership, the leader should inspire other people to follow him. He should attract people towards his cause with the help of his personality. The leader should act friendly with other people and should have an appealing style.

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