Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Leisure tourism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Leisure tourism - Essay display casee use of a Geo-demographic Information System (GIS) showed that most of the population living in Deptford is green falling in the under 35 age bracket though exceptions are present. (Burns, 2007, p. 21).Since the target market consists of youth and teenagers, the marketing and promotional strategies should be adequate for them. They are all more concerned around their health and the emotional benefits derived from exercise. Simultaneously the young market is too concerned about their looks and appearance and how it fag be improved by exercise.The main research design for the problem is exploratory research. it leave behind be used because of its high flexibility and the fact that impractical solutions are removed from the and practical solutions are generated aft(prenominal) analyzing the equanimous data. (Marketing research).Secondary research will have the advantages of being cost effective and cheap. Data will be gathered from surveys a nd other researches which have already been conducted and their conclusions and findings will be used to generate a set of solutions.Primary data will be more expensive and time consuming to suck and will mostly take the form of surveys and interviews. The Wavelength gym management will conduct both online and full general surveys to find out more about the nature of the gyms customers. Online surveys can be deployed to survey sites which can effectively target the required audience. Whereas other surveys can be conducted at grocery stores, parks, libraries and banks in Deptford.The next stones throw towards conducting more primary research is conducting a focus group interview. A focus group which will be a group of a few people say 10, will be gathered from Deptford and requested for a paid interview. This will be a longer interview which will be in depth and will generate more information about the target audience. The interviewees will also fall in the same age bracket as th e targeted potential customers so that the needs and the promotional

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