Saturday, April 27, 2019

What Is Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

What Is Management - Essay ExampleThe need for worry The core idea toilet precaution is to bring things in order, achieve the objectives and reduce any hassle and unwanted activity and offset that hinder the overall task undertaken. In short precaution is to do things in the right way. signalise words synchronization, commission, theories, order and chaos. Management in organizational context The concept of management is directly associated with the stadium of administrative and business activities. The management whitethorn be associated with that of personnel, resources, processes, or other activities that collectively make up for the part of project and are undertaken under given scheme of action and policy to deduce obvious outputs and objectives. Henry Fayol defined it as commanding control and planning of actions (Murugan, 2007. 2) Domain of Management Management in different spectrums may have the following means and impacts Organizational management this is related to the holistic management of the organization. Which may include the dealings and negotiations, the centering of policies, handing of manpower or any other function that may seek direction and guidance. Key steps in management The function of management itself requires organization and equilibrate thinking and functioning. Thereby the process of management in itself requires consideration and scheme of action undertaken. The first of these steps is that of planning. Planning what to do will allow for comprehension over how to do. This is followed by the acting soma. The third phase is that of administration and monitoring while the final stage is that of checking over in a feedback stage. Budget management Budget in an organization serves as the driving force and enables purchase and exchange of goods, machines and other components. Budgets diarrhea a vital role towards the success or failure of any project undertaken. Therefore management in this domain is highly important and it serves as the focal point of overall project. Dry up due to budget limitation may result in halting of the processes or possible agree of the original manifesto and objectives understated initially. Excessive usage of capital may lead to defaulting. Hence management comes to rescue in such scenarios and enables handling the important domain of budget accordingly. Budget may as well be associated with the salaries, increments and bonuses of the customers which serves indirectly towards the motivation and encouragement of the personnel associated. Hence in an analogical manner, it can be deduced that management of budget is akin to satisfaction of the workers involved in the project or overall organizational operations. Theories of Management There are many theories that are used in different circumstances and scenarios by different organizations and enterprises. Each of these vary subject to its applicability, scope and other relevant factors. Two of these theories are bureaucr atic theory of management and administrative The origin of this theory stretches its roots to Europe. With the word being French in its origin, yet the concept being propelled and main streamed by Max Weber (Dolan & Rosenbloom, 2003, 8), the German sociologist. Since in root three centuries ago, the theory still holds good and is part of major organizations, governmental institutes and other structures. This theory is much solid in its implementation towards organization with large size of workforce, administrative domain and other relevant functions and schemes. For this reason this theory finds its applications on governmental level (Singla, 2010, 57). The pre requisites of this theory require, merit, specialization,

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