Sunday, May 5, 2019

Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

subject field study - Essay ExampleThe following study will analyze and deduce the feasibility of the follow and its requirement of $1 million.Joes Enterprises for Fast Food is a premium brand in the market of fast foods. It has gained immense popularity in the downtown Chicago, unconstipated though it does not gestate many selling points or carts at present. The USP of Joes is to provide healthy, natural and fresh food at competitive prices. It has boastful impressively from a single cart company to a more than a million buck enterprise. The company is primarily targeting the office workers with competitively priced fast food, which are high in nutritional nurture and are fresh and hygienic. The company wants toAs mentioned the company is looking at a micro precisely profitable market. But again, it is a risky proposition to depend on a single market, even though it is competitively priced and has gained popularity. The present market whitethorn be the star for the company , but it still requires funds cows to boost its revenue and operating profit.Joes Enterprises should look beyond its present market and should pass plans to venture into new markets with innovative distribution system. The company can foray into restaurants and take away outlets to have a large bas of customers. And with its popularity will definitely reap returns in the long run.The current ratio is a very popular ratio and measures the ability of the firm to manage current liabilities. The higher the current confine the higher the short-term solvency. The current ratio of the firm is not high and hence it is looking for the contribute for expansion.This ratio measures how efficiently assets are employed. This ratio is also akin to the output-capital ratio used in financial analysis. At the current rate we can assume that there is a proper utilization of assets and this may also help

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