Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ellen Foster Essay -- essays papers

Ellen Foster The majority of families were once considered perfect. The father went to work everyday, darn the mother stayed at home and cared for her two children, Henry and Sue. The children never fought and the parents were involved in all the community events. Our society has grown to accept that in that location is no such thing as a perfect family. Eleven-year-old Ellen from the book Ellen Foster, by Kaye Gibbons, grows up in a household where her father is an offensive alcohol-dependent and her mother is too sick to complete everyday tasks. By using her positive assets, and learning from her negative assets, Ellen was able to overcome a lot of challenges end-to-end the book. One would think that six of the most important external assets fall under the category of support. Without support from ones family and friends, he/she would have to be living in a state of depression. Ellen can claim to have only two of the support assets, which are to be in a warmth school e nvironment and to receive support from three or more nonparent adults. In school, her teachers worry about her, and extremity to know if she is OK The first day back at school my teacher noticed a bruise he put on my arm she asked me if I had somewhere to spend the shadowthe teacher says everything is OK and she will make the necessary arrangements. Although Ellen found support from the school psychologist, she also found support from her best and only friend Starlettas parents. Starlettas parents told Ellen, You come on back when you want to If hes there when you get home you come on back here if you want to Starlettas parents are very understanding and they even take Ellen downtown whenever she needs to, buy clothing or food. Even though Ellen found sup... that she grew up in was such a negative environment. It is very possible that she will grow up to be an art teacher. One might think this because she looked up to her art teacher so much and admired her Ellens min d is full of creativity and ideas. When Ellens school found out that her dad was abusive to her they put her up at her art teachers house. Ellen says I came a long way to get here but when you think about it really hard you will see that old Starletta came even farther And all this time I thought I had the hardest row to hoe worry Ellen did, it is important for everyone to look back into their life and see what they have learned. Doing so cannot change ones past but only add to their future. Ellen will always pass on the horrors of her childhood with her but by using all of her assets that she gained throughout the book her future can be enriched.

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