Monday, May 13, 2019

Father and Son Relationships Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Father and Son Relationships - Essay ExamplePsychologists argue that a good four-in-hand introduces unique(predicate) skills at certain period, for example they say an athlete boys skill windows reside betwixt the age of nine to twelve (9-12) because it is during this time that the boys body is developing the required enzymes and hormones. It is argued that if move is not trained at this appropriate skills window thusly the child will never be in position to run as fast as they could as they make to heavy(p)hood (Thompson 34). Basing on this argument, it is clear that for boys to learn their manful roles, get role models and grow up to adulthood without social troubles, then they require closer mentorship from their render, coaches and teachers. According to Dr. David Popenoe, who is a sociologist, the involvement of father to bring up a boy child bring positive benefit to the child that no other person is as credibly to convey. In this respect we cannot underestimate the father role in child outcomes, including cognitive ability, social conduct, psychological well-being and achievement in education. Young boys who have a caring father have ruin educational outcome, psychologists argue that such boys have higher IQs with good linguistic and cognitive capacities (Popenoe 56). Boys brought up by involved fathers at nearly begin going to shoal with bettor level of academic solidification and are said to be more patient with abilities to handle stress and frustration connected to discipline more readily as compared to those children with less involved fathers or coaches ( Pruett 41). According to (Goldstine 19), this fathers fix in academic achievement is carried by the boys into adolescence and young adulthood, hence making them take up male roles and avoid some troubles like drug abuse and unnecessary sexual activities. The young boys whose fathers is involving are better placed to be emotionally secure, always confident to look their surroundi ngs and in that process they grow older having good social link ups with peers. The probability of such boys getting into trouble at home, school or in the neighbourhood is minimal. (Lamb 42) Such boys are more sociable and popular among others. The coaches, teachers and at most fathers day to day interaction with young boys learn how to regulate their feelings and behaviour, they can need how to deal with their aggressive impulses and physical contact devoid of losing control of their emotion (Parke 109). Independence is an classic right to any man. However, most men lack it and that is why they are always in trouble with their peers, teachers, employees among others. It is important to argue that since fathers often push for achievement, a child brought up with full involvement of a father coaches or teacher will grow up more comfortable as he explore the world around him and more likely to exhibit self- control and pro-social conduct hence independence. Most adult men in the world today are dying of depression this has a direct link to father-child relationship. Psychological research has shown that young boys who grow up with close attachment to the father or coach are less likely to experience depression, exhibit disruptive behaviour, lie, instead will exhibit pro-social behaviour therefore they will avoid drugs, violence and other

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