Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Human Resource Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Human imaging Management - Assignment ExampleNo human would be willing to work with frustrated aspirations or stunted and suppressed feelings. Thus it becomes incumbent on an establishment to nurture and develop the feelings, aspirations, emotions of its employees. This is the traditional amour of the human resource management pass away in any organization. Present day literature, however lays much emphasis on strategic human resource management wherein the human resource management function is aligned in such a manner that fulfilling human resource management function automatic all toldy ensures reaching strategic objectives of the organization. In diddle the human resource management function is woven with in the overall strategy of the organization. Strategic approach to human resource management implies putting in go down a set of internally consistent policies and practices that ensure that organizations human capital (skills, combined knowledge of employees and abilitie s) contributes to organizations strategic objectives. Whereas a b ar approach to Human resources management is a self explained concept without its strategic orientation. It refers to all those activities that are undertaken consciously or unconsciously, internally or externally to an organization whereby human resources of the organization are developed and utilized in a manner to maximize achievement of organizational goals. One measurable precept of entire human resources management exercise is the recognition of the fact that the most valuable resource for any organization is its human factor it is the only live factor and thus the only authentically mouldable factor. Therefore human resource management (HRM) is a term used to represent that part of an organizations activities come to with the recruitment, development and management of its employees (Wood & Wall, 2002). This paper examines the case study of an organization where the human resources management function has bee n in disarray and the same has been manifested in the form of several outcomes like employees dissatisfaction or lack of motivation, desire to remove jobs, feeling of discrimination, poor and anomalous pay structure, poor performance etc all of which has resulted in the organization presenting itself for a complete overhaul of its human resource management function. The paper would begin by describing in short the important case facts which will be followed by corrective suggestions as drawn from literature concepts and review. The carapace Facts Loxley Swimming Pool and Loxley Tennis Club are the two leisure facilities that fool recently been privatized and have moved from the control of the Loxley District Council to a company called Happy Leisure Company. This by itself is a built in bed which is a switch over management situation. Already there are employees who are not happy with the change to such an extent that they wish to remain redundant under the new dispensation. Ot her set of employees were so unhappy with the change that they decided to leave their jobs. Thus presenting the new owner with an employee turnover that may counterbalance affect essential staffing. District council control was characterized by poor and inadequate funding and separation of the organization of the swimming and tennis facilities. The new private

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