Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Justice and Peace by J milburn Thompson chapter 5 Essay

Justice and Peace by J milburn Thompson chapter 5 - audition ExampleIt exclusively depends on the concerned individual or family if they still want to be and get word themselves a part of the nation in which they belong. An example of a nation is the Chinese nation. Wherever they be, they all share the same pride of their language, culture and traditions. Almost in every country around the world, at that place is a Chinatown where the Chinese people continue with their age-old culture and traditions. They still speak their language, celebrate Chinese holidays, use Chinese medicine and follow Feng shui. These people are already citizens of the countries where they reside and except they are still distinguishable from the rest of the cosmos. These people may be American citizens or Canadian citizens and yet they still identify themselves as Chinese and the rest of the countrys citizens recognize them as such. On the other hand, the term state refers to a sovereign country that exercises control over a population within a defined territory. A state is managed and administered by a government which has legal chest over its people. Membership in a state is determined by the criteria set forth by the government. A state is considered as a legal person in international law that may enter into contracts and agreements with other countries, corporations and individuals.

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