Thursday, May 9, 2019

Management of Knowledge & Information Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Management of Knowledge & culture - Essay ExampleThe main problem of these hotels is the inability to attract more customers. The precedence club rewards strategy resolves these problems by providing the customers with reward points every time they stay in these hotels. These reward points are given to the members of the priority club. The customers can avail the membership and can make use of these points to purchase, travel or stay in these hotels. The benefits of the priority club reward system helps the hotels to earn more profit and increase their taxation. The customers are as well benefited as they get to redeem their points in any of the offered methods. Introduction An tuition system generally manages knowledge pertaining to the organization in which it is installed. This ensures that the employees and customers are always intimated regarding the operations in the organization. Implementing an information system requires certain predefined tasks that coiffure the req uirements of the organization. The information system must be implemented in such a way that it incorporates the requirements of the interested organization. The system must be designed and developed according to the companys nature and type. ... The information impartd to the drug exploiter must convey the intended information in an effective manner. This will alter the drug user to understand the rewards system in a better way. This in turn will increase the revenue of the IHGs and the associated hotels. The rewards system includes components which are easy to understand and implement. Since information system aims at satisfying the user, the rewards system is peaceful of modules and operations that ease the process of this programme. The services provided to the customers include reward point information, information pertaining to the hotels, updating points individually time the customer makes use of any service and providing membership options. Each of these services is designed to type the requirements of the customer. These services are beneficial to the customer as well as to the hotel groups. Though this framework seems to be simple and satisfying, it lacks certain basic features. The information system must be accessible by the user so that he can get the information about every hotel and its services. This will also enable him to get an idea about the priority rewards system. The membership details must be made addressable to the customer and this will make the selection of membership an easier task. If the services provided by this system are revived, the user will get more benefited. This in turn will increase the numbers of customers. Priority nine-spot Rewards System Priority Club Rewards system is the information system used by the Intercontinental Hotels Group. It is a hotel loyalty programme which enables the customers to experience world class facilities and enjoy the benefits of club rewards. The aim of this programme is to provid e the customers

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