Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Command and Control or Top-Down Management Style Research Paper - 2

The Command and Control or Top-Down oversight Style - Research Paper ExampleIn addition, the whole team must agree on the course of action taken by the organization concerning diverse issues (Yee-Melichar, Boyle & Flores 2011, p. 159). This musical composition wishes to examine the top-down circumspection approach in the prudence of organizational transfigure.The top-down approach in managing change implies imposed change since the change plans come from senior levels. Top-down style involves implementing changes more quickly as well as dealing with problems if necessary. Thus, this style is effective in organizations in which employees tend to resist changes. However, the style has the potential of change magnitude resistance to change due to the failure of incorporating employees in the change process. The managers at senior levels require organism very specific when spelling out the change expectations as those following such plans do not participate in the process of plann ing (Anderson, Ackerman-Anderson 2001, p. 100).Since employees are not incorporated in the decision-making course and are repeatedly only motivated via either incentives or fear, moral can turn out to be an issue but these are usually countered by strict organizational requirements for all employees. However, change management could is inadequate since the top management may ignore a substantial part of the organization disregardless of how effectively such top-level decisions are reached (Morgan 2000, Para 4).In recent years, the top-down style of management is sensed as less favorable compared to the other management styles. However, it is some(a)times very essential towards the success of projects and organizational change as seen above. An organizations style of management plays a crucial role in determining whether the organization will triumph or fail. In this case, an organization can adopt a top-down style of management or a participative/inclusive management style (Dogra 2000, Para 1). Now, this paper can only say that both means of management are good as some projectsand organizational change management processes may work differently with the different management styles.

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