Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Long Awaited Freedom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Long Awaited granting immunity - Essay ExampleThey should be taught about things that could affect their lives in nonpareil way or another, manage peer pressure. Specific tout ensembley, I would like to re tardily a personal story that shows how tight parenting can move over rise to teenagers who want explore and experience things they are not exposed to at the very chance they get, sometimes with unspeakable consequences. My parents are very strict, have always been, but this strictness has heightened with governments and security agencies take terrorist alerts all over the world. The thought of not having them for a fortnight was more than welcome in my mind, already having well laid plans. I helped them make the necessary preparations and even reminded them things they could forget, just in case the tour was cancelled as a result of missing some important document. The day finally came I offered to take them to the airport, asking the bring forthr to take an early le ave, quite surprising to them, as this was not something I liked to do. What they did not know was that I was hell bent on making sure they left. The drive to the airport seemed long, perhaps due to the long awaited freedom, only hours away. I watched as their documents were scrutinized, luggage screened and watched again as they boarded the airplane, scheduled for arrival the following morning. Freedom, which was long overdue, had come. The plans in my head overwhelmed me as I called my friends to conk out them the news. It had been difficult proving to them that I could do what they did on a weekly or daily basis, due to my parents strict nature. My parents business trip had coincided with the Muscat festival. Things could not get better. This is a 22-day-long festival observed annually in the midst of January and early February at various beaches, parks and shopping centers in Omans capital city, Muscat (Darke 111). The festival, consistent by the Muscat Municipality, focuses on Omani culture and heritage, and entertainment includes funfairs, fireworks and raffles. Omani culture and crafts are demonstrate and celebrated in traditional villages put up specifically for the festival. There are also camel speed ups, poem recitals and art exhibitions, as well as Arab singers performing in temporary amphitheatres. The festival begins in the late afternoon, at around 4 pm and goes on until 11 pm. Three of my friends joined me at the Qurum Park, adept of the locations where the festival was taking place. The evening was promising. We moved from one stall to another, watching the dancers, took part in the camel race and even had an artist draw our portraits. When the festival closed for the day, we decided to go into town and have more fun. I was not afraid that my parents would call, constantly nagging me to get back home. This was the kind of freedom I had been missing. My friends suggested we have a drive by the beach, with the argument that the Royal Oma n Police (ROP) would not be on patrol that night. Their focus was obviously on the Muscat festival. We had a car borrowed from my friends familiar who was out of town. This part of the beach was particularly quiet, perfect for our escapades. We decided to race for a distance one by one, each showing his prowess in the process. My friend went first, and he drove in a style I have never seen before. He started conveningly, but later used a raise hip of sand to tilt the car. He was now driving on two wheels. What? I had to sweat this, keeping in mind that I was here to prove myself. All except me viewed this as normal I was astounded. The three of them drove in the same manner. It seemed like they had practiced for quite some time. I had to do it too, lest I be labeled naive. It was finally my turn, my heart raced. I started out like all the others and quickly

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