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Gaia: Argument over a single word Essay -- Essays Papers

germanium Argument over a single wordTHESIS Life on earth has been considered by some as a purposeful interaction tending toward ecological stability. However, when the scientific companionship led by James Lovelock tried to match this concept with science, it was (and continues to be) a dilemma.IntroductionWhenever one and only(a) hears the word Gaia, he or she will also hear life, goddess, purpose, ecology, and undoubtedly controversy. Not many topics have provoked more controversy among the scientific community than the idea that the atmosphere, biosphere, and its living organisms behave as a single system, striving to maintain a stability that is conducive to the existence of lifethe so-called Gaia theory or Gaia hypothesis.The main controversy lies in the fact that the name Gaia comes from an ancient Greek goddess (Mother existence). Since Gaias origins, it seems as if she was the approximately venerated among the Greek gods Free of birth or destruction, of time or space, f orm or condition, is the Void. From the eternal Void, Gaia danced forth and rolled herself into a spinning ball. She mold mountains along her spine, valleys in the hollows of her flesh. Unceasingly the Earth Mother manifested gifts on her surface and accepted the death into her body. In return, she was revered by all mortals. From within the nefariousness of her secrets, Gaia received their gifts (Spretnak 47-48).The powerful magnet of the theory is that Gaia is a simple four-letter word that implies feminism and ecology, two aspects that do not fit in rational science. Had the proponents called the theory A cybernetic system with homeostatic tendencies as detected by chemical anomalies in the earths atmosphereas Lovelock intended to call it, the idea may not ha... ...cated matters (as Gaia) throughout history, and the human race has been able to decide whether or not using them is a reasoned technique. There are truths to be discovered and ways of explaining them to be deployed . Humans are not the center of the universe. Nor is any other species.Lynn MargulisWorks CitedBjornerud Marcia. Gaia-Gender and Scientific Representations of the Earth Part 1 of 2 Contemporary Womens Database Sep. 1997 96-106.Linden, Eugene. Ideas How the Earth Maintains Life an Intriguing Scientific Theory Continues to Win Adherents. Time 13 Nov. 1989 114.Lutzenberg, Jose. Gaias Fever. The Ecologist Mar.-Apr. 1999 59.Margulis, Lynn. Life on Earth Doesnt Need Us. nonparasitic 02 Sep. 1998 5.Spretnak, Charlene. Lost Goddesses of Early Greece A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths. Boston Beacon Press, 1984.

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