Friday, June 14, 2019

Heterosexism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Heterosexism - Essay ExampleA cursory analysis of available costumes illustrated that cardinal two costumers were propagating hyper heterosexism. They were even segregated into sections named as Male and Fe manful costumers. There were also unisex costumes like burglar costume or angel costume. However, it was observable that majority of these costumes encouraged heterosexual partnerships. This costume based stratification can be explained with the help of feminist sociology theories that support existence of a social cabaret and values related to it that are meant to be followed by individuals in order to demonstrate their participation in a gender-based group participation (Ingraham 209).There were eight-spot costumes that could have been seen as being suitable for same-sex partnerships. These costumes included Scottish outfits, Mario costumes, wrestler costumes, and other revealing warrior costumes. The store also had a male personification of go game and Eve costume which wa s clearly supporting same sex relationship.This study helped in understanding that there was a rather limited choice for customers who do not wish to propagate hetero-normative gendered constructs. The store had a collection of object-based inanimate costumes such as Cupcakes, Robotic characters, Banners and other similar costumes that were equally famous in male and female customers, according to the store owner. These costumes are delivering clear messages about heterosexual relationships. The costumes meant for female customers included Ballerina dresses, Disney movie characters and others clearly having a feminine outlook. On the other hand, costumes meant for boys had moderate to strong masculinity attached to them as they were reflecting a degree of physical violence and aggression. When asked about a Tuxedo hanging in the Halloween section, store manager responded that it is meant for female customers as it was sleeker as compared to

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