Wednesday, June 12, 2019

ICT E-commerce business analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

ICT E-commerce business analysis - Essay ExampleSwift flow of information allows organizations to excel in their respective businesses and gain a competitive advance over the competitors.In todays age, there are seldom any organizations that can avoid the use of engineering in their business. It has become an organic part of every activity and the point of differentiation is now determined by the efficiency of the system involved. The more efficient the system, the better the operations and this reflects in the overall success of the business and its standing in the market. An appropriate and successful e-business plan can not only assist and compliment the business save also create growth opportunities in the long run. The availability of reliable and low-cost communications through the use of technology is providing new challenges and opportunities to every industry, especially the airline industry (Jiang, 2014).Relevance of technology to a business determines the doiveness of its existence on the web. Airline industries over the world have accepted technology as an integral and unavoidable aspect of their business. Travelers require convenience and service along with information and timeliness. Use of the internet to obtain travel packages, flight information, itineraries, ticket booking and boarding details have revolutionized travelling and the airline industry greatly. Whether its advertising, being more mobile friendly, having an efficient response system at hand or merely being ranked above all as a result of search engine, the competitive e-business environment has had its due effect on the airlines industry too.With the shift in power from the companies to the customers, now they are at the liberty to research several options and opt for the one they find viable for themselves (Lankes, 2008, pp. 667--686). For air travel, several website offers services like comparing rates and getting the best deal. In these circumstances, an airline company ha s to focus on

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