Monday, June 10, 2019

Included in attachments Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Included in attachments - Assignment ExampleThe process occurs in a cycle that recurs. Chet Richards suggests that a decision maker who has the knowledge and ability to process the OODA cycle quickly while identifying and reacting to the issues that arise, is likely to circumvent his or her opponents decision cycle hence, give him or her an advantage over his/her rivals (27).The OODA Loop is instrumental in the conversion of records into information and subsequently into knowledge. Decision makers need to provoke a good understanding of what data represents if they are to be able to transform it into useful information this information can then be utilise to impact knowledge into individuals. This can be done by analysing data, and information using the OODA Loop. The person studying the data analyzes it, orients it to filter information, makes a decision, and then acts establish on the decision he/she makes.System analysts ought to have a good understanding of how workstations, ne tworks, operating dodges, databases and software operate. This should include knowing their operation potential s and limits it is easier for a person to analyse what he knows than that which he has no idea about. Technical skills are, therefore, of great importance to any constitution analyst.In commercial enterprises, system analysts are most likely to work in information technology departments that are tasked with the duty of developing and maintaining systems for the enterprises. They could be could be employed as system developers, designers, or system administrators. Those of them with appropriate technical knowledge could also undertake system maintenance.d. Charge Nurse Charge nurses are individuals with a lot of run across in nursing hence acquiring a lot of acquaintance in the process. They can, therefore, be grouped under the category of knowledge employees.e. Software engineer This position can be placed under knowledge

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