Saturday, June 15, 2019

Leading Global Workforce Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Leading Global Workforce - Assignment ExampleCaligiuri, Lepak and Bonache (2010) point out, since most of the modern organizations operate with a global view, they think that maintaining a culturally diverse workplace environment is essential to accomplish their long term objectives ( A global recruitment approach can really benefit the organizations to gate human talent and professional expertise effectively. The firms may rely on their permanent employees to perform managerial tasks and other crucial organizational tasks whereas they may pulmonary tuberculosis particular workers to do their less important or monotonous nature of work.According to Stickney (2008, p.35), cost saving is the major benefit of using dependant on(p) workers because organizations do not need to pay temporary workers for downtime. In addition, companies do not want to offer benefits such as vacation time, holiday pay, sick leave, and health insurance to temporary workers. Another advantage is th at it provides organizations with a broad talent pool from which they can select during special projects with a short deadline. According to Denisi and griffon vulture (2005, p.548), decreased loyalty and productivity may be the major demerits of using contingent workers as these people depend on a number of employers to absorb income. High training costs is another risk of this employment strategy because contingent professionals are less likely to work for a single organization in the long term.In order to consider contingent work as beneficial and practical, employers and employees viewpoints and notions of work and career need to be changed. First, employers should understand that contingent workers can contribute significantly to the organizational productivity even if they work for a temporary period. In addition, they should not consider the training costs for contingent workers as non-productive spending. Likewise, employees should not think that contingent workers would t hreaten their job but identify the supporting role the contingent professionals

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