Monday, July 29, 2019

How Does Effective Questioning Contribute to Pupils Learning. Give Essay

How Does Effective Questioning Contribute to Pupils Learning. Give Classroom (Primary) examples to support your answers - Essay Example This approach keeps the pupils’ minds open to everything and makes them think and evaluate the knowledge on a wide canvas. Thus, according to Bloom, evaluation or questioning is one of the important aspects of learning as it puts them to working. It is important for the teachers to inquire if the pupils are following their instructions and understanding the subject being taught (Kyriacou, pp.43, 1997). For that matter, assessment through questions plays a major role in knowing the progress of pupils. It is essential to note that questions also have divisions; certain questions are only for the sake of assessing the pupils’ memory, however, questions that require them to ‘think’ and not just to ‘recall’ are the critical ones to incorporate in a teaching process. Moreover, questioning leads to discovery learning or purposeful learning rather than a one-way communication pattern that involves teachers telling the pupils everything and making them rote learners. This is more like thrusting the knowledge in pupil’s mind, nevertheless, it is important to realize that forcefully put knowledge never tends to retain for a longer period and thus, proves to be useless in the end as compared to a comprehension that comes after self-analysis and cognition. As a matter of fact, in contributing towards pupils’ learning through, it is essential that the proportion of teachers’ talk must be higher than any other aspects (Pollard & Collins, pp.297, 2005). If a teacher talks much, pupils would automatically feel responsible in contributing to the whole process to have their share and would know that even if they miss out any important point in the response, their teachers would correct or complete them. Lower grades pupils are quite very much like this; they look forward to the co-operation of their teachers in every regards. It is often suggested that one of the effective ways to make pupils studying

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