Saturday, July 27, 2019

Metacritical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Metacritical Thinking - Essay Example Researchers incorporating systems thinking embark on investigating the link between the smaller social issues, that is, the contributions each problem segment was making on the overall social problem. According to Checkland and Poulter (2006, p. 27) little isolation between issues are made during the research process. However, connection between the various issues is done towards the end of research. Individual researchers with experience in various sub-sections lead investigation therein. This provides opportunity for the contributing issues to be combed conclusively before being incorporated in solution finding processes. However, it is the connection between the various issues that help understand the real social problems, and therefore lead to development and implementation of best solutions. This form of thought process also includes the parameters of spirituality and the arguments related to existence of god. However, there are exceptions too. In this context it would be relevant to say that in the context of meta-criticism Jean Kilbourne presents excellent example of the term. Jean Kilbourne makes an excellent point in her portrayal of advertisement and its appearance of violence and sexually predatory nature. Blatantly sexist, implied violence and the essence of fear or dominance would be inherent in advertisement of all descriptions from lingerie, to jeans all the way to peanut butter. Jean Kilbourne's essay shows us how much we ignore in the world of advertisement, which simply exemplifies that which we ignore in life as a whole. Either her portrayal of the difference between perceptions of men and women in the various ads, including such concepts as intimacy, violence and innocence would be such as to cause alarm or to cause us to seriously examine the route advertisement is taking in the role of human behaviors. Human behavior is altered by stimuli outside the mind, but absorbed by that same mind. It is this absorpt ion that must be considered when understanding the human psyche. Sexual advertisement has a tendency to increase violence done by men continuously exposed to the ads and the industry continues to use these sexual images for attention magnets. The biggest problem with this now would be the fact that now teenagers and children have become a target audience, resulting in addiction toward images and brands. Her meta-criticism is persuasive and highly motivating backed by relevant informative text. (Kilbourne, 116-7) However, it should be noted that there various schools of Meta-critical thought process and they are generally associated wit cosmological criticism and arguments. The first one, derived from the argument of motion, stipulates that for bodies to be in motion, they have to be moved by other bodies. Since it is contended that the two states of being 'potential' and 'actual' are mutually exclusive, it is not possible for a "mover" and the "moved" to be the same, i.e. automated movement is axiomatically ruled out. Now, based on this contention, if we regress to infinity, then we arrive at the concept of the 'first mover'. Since the 'first' mover, cannot, logically be moved by any 'preceding' body, the former has to 'God'. The second postulate is in terms of the nature of 'efficient causes'. This

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