Friday, July 26, 2019

Personal Statement for the UCAS application (UK Universities)

For the UCAS application (UK Universities) - Personal Statement Example industry is a major driver of the world’s major economies with new innovations, new discoveries particularly in electronic devices, new technologies in food and clothing industries and flow of new medicines to different healthcare facilities of the world. I want to be part of this industry for I have always wanted to work where I can positively impact the lives of people. I wish to study in the UK since most of my friends have pursued their international studies in the UK based Universities and have highly recommended me to join these international institutions where all are welcome and where world-class teaching takes place. I have also been doing my own research on the best place to undertake my course and I have discovered that UK is that best place for UK education is one of the few recognized by governments, universities and employers in all corner of the world. Also, universities ranked as best in the world are based here in the UK. I am sponsored by SABIC Company which is one of the major manufacturing companies in Saudi Arabia and the largest public company listed in Middle East specializing in industrial polymers, chemicals and intermediates, metals and even fertilizers. Basically, I am a part of this company hence this career does not only match my strengths but also my future interests. I therefore feel that pursuing chemical engineering perfectly suits my job and will allow me to utilize my talents in the best way as I acquire the needed skills and knowledge to lead SABIC Company to even becoming a better chemical manufacturer and maintaining its ground as a world major chemical manufacturing company. I am practically a very social person and I love meeting and making new friends. Therefore, apart from having reading as my leisure interests, I love visiting museums and national archives. A visit to the museum and national archives makes me feel satisfied. I also love outdoor activities and sporting activities. Eating out, walking in the parks,

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