Friday, July 26, 2019

Reading Responses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Reading Responses - Essay Example Due to this paranoia, the women become obsessed with the color yellow. In the end, she becomes so insane that she imagines that a woman is stalking her even though it was a mere shadow of the wall patterns. Thus, she continues to lock herself in the room to protect herself. At the end of the story, she acknowledges that she has to liberate this woman and begins to scrape of the war. She is finally liberated as her husband faints to see her compulsive obsession with the walls. Clearly, this was one of the most vital pieces towards establishing and propagating women. Not only does it point out the major flaw in society’s ideologies at that time era, it also describes the brutal compassion given to individuals that had a mental condition. Female critics often use this to suggest that individuals who are mentally challenged should be able to interact with society instead of being isolated. Without a doubt, I think that extremely vital. The feministic viewpoint completely rejects t he notion that the women should be limited to certain roles in this man-centric society. At the end of the plot, when the narrator scraps the wall off, it shows her struggle to not only liberate the women but herself also.

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