Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Sassoon vs Brooke

One, views on state of contend were vastly contrasting amongst the population. The soldiers on the front line saw the world with deferent eyes comp bed to the people at category. Some attitudes were based on view and pain, whilst others on the Idea of patriotism and wile belief. They, by Serried Swanson, is a h mavenst and direct poem decrying the proper(a)eous government activity sending men to die in a so-called noble designer. Caissons gall against the struggle is made clear by his poetry, which is filled with his impudence against war, the futility of it and the high toll that had to be paid.Swanson uses populacey different shipway to convey his feelings, and particularly his bitterness and resentment towards the war and the officers, provided his true meanings are clear and he writes In such(prenominal)(prenominal) a way that shows clearly what he thinks and feels about the war. The Bishop represents the pompous flag waiving plaque without a clue to the ho rrors of the battlefield. They are the boys at the front. The term they will not be the same Is Ironic and true. There Is the demonstration that the boys will transcendInto about grace-Like state for having fought and sacrificed In a Just cause. Swanson knew the boys, those who survived, who would return home changed for far darker and haunting reasons. The elites running the war thought nothing of sending multitude to their deaths back and forth. The sentiment sold to the public back home was that it was the Just cause and it was a noble thing to charter challenged death resulting in new right to breed an honorable race. The second stanza yet is Caissons blunt and harsh retort of reality. It is a brief roll call of daub and disease.Syphilis ran rampant among the boys engaging random relationships and Swanson employs this as Illustration in mocking the Bishop as the disease Is hardly a innoxious or noble means of death. The voices against the war cry out Youll not relegate a chap whos served that hasnt found some change, and not In a good way. The final line exposes the hypocrisy. The ship canal of God are strange is the invention ignorance of the excuses. Rupert Brooke in like manner wrote about war but in a much different light. He has a very verificatory outlook on war and a very strong patriotic adore of England.In fact in The Soldier he praises the wonderful land of England (gave, once, her flowers to hunch over, her ways to roam, A body of Englands breathing English air). In contrast with Swanson, Brooke adopts a natural overbearing attitude think only of me as this That in that respects some corner of a irrelevant field. as a man who accepts that his option is not guaranteed and death In reason his country would make him complete. The language employ reflects his feelings. He only ever uses one negative word, evil, and even this Is use in the context of being rove away.It is almost an ode to England itself In that wealthy image -evoking language (her flowers to love, her ways to roam. ) The poem is a sonnet which is a style traditionally used by people report love poetry. In this case Brooke is employ the sonnet form to sway his love for his country. The break of thought allows the reader to become time to think about the poets lyric and absorb them in. The writer moves from one prospect he is describing, England being a rivulet creation of beauty (her flowers to love, her lands to roam), on to England being alive, personifying England (A pulse in the eternal mind).Yet there is a continuing presence of the importance and ability of England, and this is shown by the use of words such as richer, blest by solarise and English Heaven. The form, structure and plectron of language all work together. Brooks poems squander been associated with the idealistic attitudes prevalent in the long time leading up to 1914 and the outbreak of war in this sense, his poetry is actually re-war, different Caissons verse, which is during the war, and speaks less of ideals and more of realism. However, war is a common thread for all writers to use. As Swanson pointed out, there will always be war, and as long as there is war there will be someone to write about it. Poets express their protest or support by means of their writing. War poetry can also be a form of propaganda. Caissons was traditional propaganda opposing war while Brooks was a positive form of propaganda. Each man had very strong opinions based on their own personal experience.

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