Friday, August 23, 2019

Business Etiquette Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business Etiquette - Essay Example Research evidence demonstrates that corporations are increasingly establishing joint ventures, building strategic alliances, and establishing direct investments. Successful and effective communication in an international business environment is necessary for business growth as Reynolds and Valentine (2011) have determined.( Lok & Crawford, 2004) Due to the globalisation of business it has become exceedingly important to have an exemplary cross and intercultural communication so as to gain competitive advantage. In current years, scholarly debates have been focusing on globalization of the economy and the diverse workforce that emphasises on appropriate business etiquette that leads to sustainable business relations across international business. Cook and Cook (2011) place premium manners of managers in public and professional while undertaking official duties. Other studies have highlighted that small business and upcoming entrepreneurs have started to invest heavily and competing in the international market. Recent developments show that many businesses are cultivating a global focus by sourcing, producing, importing, or exporting their goods and services around the globe, which makes intercultural communication and negotiation gain substantial prominence in the international business management. Further, international bus iness etiquette (the expected rules of behaviour for intercultural communication and management) has become increasingly important because of the mobility of people. Due to the different systems in politics and economy of the world, and the different history and cultural tradition. Sebenius (2002) points out that cultural difference can influence business negotiations in significant and unexpected ways. Negotiation is an important part of developing business in any market. (Xiaohua et al., 2003). The increasing globalization in the world and the increased mobility of people settling in foreign

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