Saturday, August 24, 2019

Job Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Job Evaluation - Essay Example The top management, seeing Alan’s performance graph rising has given him a raise already which speaks volumes about the kind of commitment he has had with work and its different manifestations. He recently started writing the company blog which was appreciated by just about everyone. In fact this blog became an instant hit and went on to touch newer heights within the different corporations that are doing similar line of business, i.e. the advertising industry in essence. Alan has also been appointed as the talent hunt executive, working directly under the top boss at the advertising agency. He finds out people who can write well as well as direct movies. He prepares a list of them on a monthly basis and circulates the same to his boss. His primary job however remains working for different advertising campaigns and pitches. He takes a key interest in the different roles that he is working within the advertising agency at the present. As far as Alan’s evaluation of his duties is concerned, he has been very diligent with regards to the same. He has shown a resilient attitude in his work ethos and this suggests a great deal about the kind of perseverance he has and the manner in which his personality can be molded in different situations. Alan has been a smiling character at work and his colleagues always speak very highly of him. He has had a friendly demeanor in his personality which has manifested clearly in his relations that he has built with the colleagues and acquaintances at work. His bosses are also supportive of his stance and the work that Alan does on a regular basis. He has never been late and always made it on time. Seldom does he take a leave from office which depicts the kind of professionalism that Alan has set for his own self. He completes the work on time and leaves right after sunset – the time when the office gets off. He believes there are other things in life which are also sim ilarly important to job and thus he

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