Monday, August 19, 2019

Teaching Children :: Education, elementary education

In my opinion, I think children that age learn best with hands on activities. Being outside the classroom learning from natures elements and their own surroundings, instead of sitting inside all day and learning from books. While learning from text books is a must, teachers can always make it fun. By doing internet activities, with the growth of technology younger children are learning how to operate computers. Also, by doing board games meant for learning numbers and letters, puzzles in order for the children to learn shapes and sizes. There are so many things available today that teachers can use to teach younger children many different of learning and having fun with it. It is important for the children to understand and use what they learn in class on a daily bases. Not only in the classroom but at home also. This is where the parents come in at. The parent and teacher relationship should be on good terms when I child is this young. Keeping the parent updated on their kids behavior and academic status in the classroom should be a key point to the teacher. if the teacher and parents do not have this relationship then the child may not be able to learn to the best of their possibilities, like the other children in the class. On the other hand the teacher and pupil relationship should also be very important for the teacher. Understanding what a child needs in the classroom and how certain children learn and interact with each. There are many different kinds of children that learn different ways. Some need visual, audio, readers, or a combination of all of these. I feel a teacher needs to learn what kind of learner a student is, and learn how to met there needs to learn. If a teacher fails to do this then some of the children may be left in the dust to say, when learning a certain way. The most important thing a child could learn while in pre-kindergarten is their social skills. These skills are a major part that everyone needs to strive in this society. Social skills that are learned early in life have a big impact on them and can take them far in life. When this skill is learned in school the children are more at ease and considerate of others. This can be found in playing with each other children, sharing their toys,and being able to control their anger that other children might cause.

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