Monday, August 12, 2019

The Benefits of Gender Diversity in the Workplace Research Paper

The Benefits of Gender Diversity in the Workplace - Research Paper Example Owing to such reasons, it is deemed to be necessary for both profit oriented as well as non-profit organizations to engage and accept the notion of diversity with regard to gender for the reason of attaining increased creativeness as well as productivity (Rosado, 2006). Gender Diversity in Workplace The idea of gender is primarily based on the dissimilarities of features amid the individuals of different sex. These features act as a basis which discerns the males from the females. It is also based on the feelings of an individual of being a male or a female. Gender diversity generally relates to the proportion or ratio of the overall males to the overall females. The degree of diversity signifies whether the distribution of the genders is equal or it is distributed unevenly (Walter, 2012). Greater degree of diversity within a certain organization with regard to age is known to offer increased viewpoints as well as generation of fresh ideas. It is even considered imperative for the re ason of augmenting the competence in terms of comprehending the requirements of the customers. The aspect of diversity in relation to gender in the workplace assists in triggering an ensuring increased degree of sales for the organization. Gender diversity is also considered important for an organization for the reason of ensuring the sustenance of their respective operations. The notion of gender diversity relates to the actuality of the existence of variation in terms of the genes with regard to a species. The factor of genetic diversity makes it likely for a specific populace to become accustomed to the surroundings along with responding to the usual selection. The degree in relation to genetic disparity is considered to be the foundation of speciation. This specific factor is known to pose an influence regarding the ways individuals act together and perform or conduct oneself with respect to the other individuals present in the organization (Green, Lopez, Wysocki, & Kenper, 2011 ).. As a result of the mounting globalization in the industrial sector gender diversity has surfaced as quite an essential aspect for the modern business organizations. Gender diversity with regard to workplace has been defined as the comprehension and recognition of employees of both the genders. The major guiding forces of gender diversity within the workplace are the women employees. It is worth mentioning that during the recent days, business organizations have noticed the highest level of female employees in the workplace. Consequently, the number of families possessing dual income sources has also augmented along with the numbers in relation to working mothers who are single (Green, Lopez, Wysocki, & Kenper, 2011). Gender Diversity and Its Implications Gender diversity with regard to the workplace is noticed to prove gainful for the employers as well as the employees. The employees working in the same organization are likely to be quite reliant upon each other in terms of thei r work. In this context, the individuals of different genders significantly require to develop mutual respect for the reason of enhancing their productivity. Diversity in the work place can work quite effectively in boosting the marketing opportunities of the organization. It can further facilitate in encouraging creative activities amid the individuals and can also aid in recruitment activities

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