Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The satisfaction level of e-government in Saudi Arabia Dissertation

The satisfaction level of e-government in Saudi Arabia - Dissertation Example Moreover, the trust of people to the particular schemes seems still to be rather low – despite the efforts for the continuous increase of these systems’ safety. The proposed study focuses on the examination of the effectiveness of e-government in Saudi Arabia. Emphasis is given on the level of the citizens’ satisfaction regarding the particular systems. A series of related issues are also critically discussed, as analyzed in the study’s Research Objectives section. At a first level, the performance of e-government in Saudi Arabia seems to be satisfactory; however, if reviewing the resources engaged in the realization of the particular plan it is made clear that the specific plan has not achieved the targets of its initiators. The reasons for this failure are going to be investigated through this study; suggestions will be also made for the system’s improvement so that citizens’ satisfaction is increased. Current study will help to understand the progress of e-government in Saudi Arabia based on the level of satisfaction of the citizens. In this way, the system’s advantages and drawbacks will be revealed. E-government is of particular importance for the government in Saudi Arabia. The proposed study will offer valuable details both on the system’s performance up to now and its needs for updates/ improvements in order to become more effective. Background In accordance with Al-Tameen et al. (2008) the development of e-government in Saudi Arabia has been initiated because of a series of factors, which have been all important in the plan’s development. Strategic motives seem to have been combined with economic reasons for supporting the development of the particular framework. In general, the development of e-government in Saudi Arabia should be characterized as quite satisfactory – both in terms of the system’s quality and the time spent on the system’s development. In a recent inte rview of the country’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Ahmed Mulla, the country’s government has set the effective development of e-government across the country as a priority (Oxford Business Group 2010, p.247). The above plan is combined with efforts for improving the quality of IT systems engaged in various governmental projects and increase the volume/ quality of education provided to these systems’ users. In accordance with the minister, the value of the above efforts is reflected to the Saudi E-government Achievement Award, a prize that has been introduced in order to reward the efforts towards the development of e-government across the country (Oxford Business Group 2010). Research Aim The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established an e-government framework that could be used regularly by citizens. However, problems have been identified in the system’s performance; more specifically, complaints have been stated by citizens who use e-government services either regularly or periodically. This research aims to examine the satisfaction level of e-government in order to get a high level of satisfaction. The identification of the system’s failures and the suggestion of appropriate solutions will help to the

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