Sunday, August 25, 2019

Transportation safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Transportation safety - Essay Example This is done in the belief that at lower speeds, they can get drunk and still control their cars with ease. This has in turn led to increased accidents on our roads. Use of road bumps also helps reduce road accidents. The bumps help reduce the speed at which cars move especially at pedestrian crossings. On the other hand these bumps often cause accidents especially when not clearly marked as the drivers at high speed normally don’t get a clear view of the bumps as they approach them. This normally leads to the cars veering off the roads and causing accidents (Hauer, p41). Use of traffic police is always believed to be a major measure in curbing road carnage. They are deployed along highways and in major towns to enforce traffic rules, especially elimination of unroadworthy vehicles on the road. These policemen are usually underpaid and this makes them engage in corruption activities. They get bribed and let go of unroadworthy vehicles, drunk and careless drivers, leading to accidents. Road signs are also used to reduce road accidents. Most motorists often feel safe at the sight of a stop sign, but this is not the case in an intersection when other drivers ignore the rules and run into stop signs. Stop sign running is always caused by impatience of drivers who assume that there are no other motorists as they cross intersections. Some signs especially those faded usually cause confusion to drivers, leading to accidents. Therefore, in applying the road safety measures to curb road accidents, care must be taken to ensure that these same measures do not increase the chances of crashes in the transportation

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