Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Changes in Catherine throughout the Play :: A View from the Bridge Arthur Miller Essays

Changes in Catherine throughout the Play "A View From A Bridge" is a play by Arthur Miller. It is set in 1950s New York. The play concentrates on a poor family and what happens when some Italian relatives come to stay, illegally. I have chosen to concentrate on Catherine because I fell she undertakes the most emotional changes throughout the play. Catherine is a 17 year old girl who is still studying at school. She lives with her Auntie and Uncle, Beatrice and Eddie. I went to see a production of the play at the Belgrade theatre in Coventry. Overall the play was good. The first act was a little slow and tedious but the second act was excellent. They did rush the end part in which Eddie dies. Catherine was a little over the top and looked like she was trying to seduce Eddie at one point. I liked how they ensured that they were all in the correct attire. Eddie wore a shirt and trousers with a large belt. Both Catherine and Beatrice were in dresses with their hair tied up. Rodolfo had a big quiff and dresses like an old fashioned "teddy Boy". I thought the way the stage revolved to give the idea of a journey with superb. The play starts and Catherine comes in. She is very cheerful and talkative with Eddie. She has a new skirt on and asks Eddie if he "like[s] it". She tells him that "it's the style now." We can see from the start that she is very reliant on Eddie and she wants him to approve of everything she does. This idea is establish when she has news for him. She has been offered a job but she has to check it is alright with Eddie. This gives the impression that Eddie has kept her away from the world and has protected her. They then talk about the job and Eddie agrees to let her take it. Catherine's mood changes when she hears that Beatrice's cousins are arriving. She is excited because she hasn't met many people and has no social life. She wants to meet new people. When they arrive Catherine is in awe of them. She hasn't much experience with new people and she is quite hyperactive. She asks many questions and we get the impression that she is attracted to Rodolfo. She asks him if he is "married?" She likes the fact that he is blonde because there are not many blonde men about. "He's practically Blonde!" We can tell Catherine is trying to make a good impression when Eddie says "What's

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