Sunday, September 8, 2019

Evidence-Based Practice Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Evidence-Based Practice - Coursework Example These questions are meant to elicit a feedback that provides a clear understanding of the current methods that are applied in practice. These questions will inform about the issues that should be addressed or improved to make nursing practice better including patient care outcomes. The spirit of inquiry will also help me access the tools that can be used to enhance evidence-based care within my institution, thereby improving the delivery of care (Stevens, 2013). The second strategy is to use the PICOT clinical question. The PICOT question will feature the patient population, the intervention, comparison, the outcome and the time. The question will provide a means through which I can identify the most relevant information about an issue or problem of concern and enable me search for a relevant intervention in the least time possible. This will ensure that I improve patient care and care outcomes because time will be spent giving patients the best care they can receive and also save on the institution resources because these resources will be used only to implement interventions that have been researched clearly and that they can address the needs of the patient adequately. This strategy entails understanding all of its five concepts and ensuring that they are studied correctly (Dogherty, Harrison, & Graham, 2010). The third strategy entails using the Evidence-based practice (EBP) rounds. This is an effective way of addressing EBP within the institution especially because of the fact that it has a large group. This technique will enable the incorporation of all levels of practitioners and allow them to participate in the change process without discrimination. When the healthcare team discusses issues of patient progress, the EBP rounds will enable the group to discuss supporting evidence related to the change decisions in the institution. I have gained knowledge on the use of EBP and its

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