Monday, September 9, 2019

How to distinguish the business from the competition Essay

How to distinguish the business from the competition - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that when establishing a business, one has to consider short and long-term goals of the business concerned. To achieve the goals, critical analysis of the industry, should be determined. The analysis will aid in establishing competitor's weaknesses. Analysis of the competitors through daily subscription of their newsletters and approaching them as their customer help understand what they offer. It will also help to analyze the level of customer services offered. In addition, it is important to outshine the competition after analysis of the competitors. Creating a more user-friendly website is of great advantage to the business. Securing exclusive contracts with the business clients is substantial while outbidding the competitors. Through limiting competitor’s market appeal, it is possible to expand the business. The business goal is to offer efficient and effective products or services as from the beginning to enable customers to ide ntify the quality and integrity of the company. It is important to consider customer service by having a focused team. Resourcefulness and effectiveness of customer service aid in setting the business venture apart at the outset. The company should target at creating a shopping experience that is best for customers and should not compromise on the employee’s quality. It is important to address business strategies and priorities since it facilitates monetary growth.

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