Tuesday, September 10, 2019

In what ways can Australia, as a middle power, use multilateralism to Essay

In what ways can Australia, as a middle power, use multilateralism to effectively pursue its foreign policy objectives - Essay Example In the international system, it is as well the prerogative of each nation to fight for their space on the decision making table. Multilateralism as an effort to coordinate the policies of two or more nations together can hence be used by Australia (Beeson 2011). This is supported by the fact that the hierarchy places Australia at a point where it is able to bring together the lower power and the top power as an intermediary. Australia’s diplomatic practice has a strong foundation and has existed for a very long time; it is possible to discern Australian diplomatic elements, which could be said to emphasize on idealism an even legalism (Sampson & Woolcock 2003). Using the available advantage of multilateralism, Australia attempts to achieve its pursuit of foreign policy objectives in the international arena competing with not only other middle power states but also the great power states (Ball 1997). In its quest, Australia faces quite a number of possibilities as well as limit s and constraining factors. Through multilateral corporation of Australia as a middle power, the country is able to direct its efforts of whatever manner in trying to maintain international peace and security. This is one way of penetrating it policies in the international platform (2013). It is prudent to note at this point that middle power status has always defined quality of Australian foreign policy a fact that has always made Australia be a very strong negotiator and protector of its rights without simply obeying the great and mighty (Ball 1997). Such capability also makes Australia a force and to the countries advantage, they are able to bring in their policies onto the international platform. Another way in which Australia is able to use multilateralism to further its foreign policy objectives is through the application of the principle of creative middle power diplomacy. This has an extended impact of aiding the country to enhance its interests (Sampson & Woolcock 2003). Au stralia, as a middle power state, should be strategic in its alliances, as this will affect its pursuit of foreign policies. With other grater layers in the field, Australia must strive to keep up with these powers, as they are the main influential factors in the pursuit of foreign policy objectives. This has been the case with Australia as seen in various instances where Australia allied with other great powers (Ball 1997); including the USA, the super power in a strategic attempt to promote its foreign policy objectives; one notable instance is the support of Bush’s presidency in the USA by Howard’s government (Beeson 2011). The system of interdependence is an important factor that sustains interaction between states in the international syste

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