Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Machiavelli on Powers of NSA and Defense Spending Research Paper

Machiavelli on Powers of NSA and Defense Spending - Research Paper Example The growing security concerns in the country are arguable and justifiably especially following the events of 9/11. The relativity of the organization’s spending is admissible by the dictates of such iconic think tanks as the Italian Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli as the discussion below portrays. Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was an early Italian politician, philosopher, and diplomat. Machiavelli influenced modern day politics with most historians acknowledging his ideas as the basis for contemporary politics. Among his major contributions was the political ethics which is a concept that explains the conduct of politicians and the policies they enact. The philosopher developed a concept known as Machiavellianism which is a negative term referring to unscrupulous politicians. Such politicians foster their own ambitions while disregarding the desires of the electorate who Machiavelli explains wield the power owing to their fundamental role of electing the leaders. Dem ocracy is a form of governance through which the population elects representatives who rule on their behalf. In a democratic society, the electorate constitutes a fundamental piece of the society and plays an integral role in the governance of the society. The political ideology arises from the social contract theory which posits that since not everyone can rule, the society elects few people with desirable qualities to lead them for a particular period. Within the period, the leaders make decisions through policies. However, in doing so, the leaders must safeguard the desires of the people. This implies that the leaders must maintain an interactive relationship with the electorate in order to determine the wishes of the people. The policies the leaders formulate and enact must represent the desires of the people and uphold humanity. In his work, The Prince, Machiavelli investigates the creation of democratic institutions and the conduct of politicians at the time (Althusser & Mathe ron, 2000). As a philosopher, Machiavelli explains that elected leaders, unlike in dynasties, must possess desirable qualities and sustain their conduct. In doing so, political leaders must exhibit humility and understanding of the issues facing their electorate. By considering such, the policies the leaders formulate and enact will reflect the desires of the people (Cunningham, Rogers & United States, 2005). Constant consultation between the electorate and the leadership is essential in the representation process as the leaders must always enact policies that uphold the freedoms of the people. Among the issues that Machiavelli contends that is essential in the development of free and fair societies is security. The leaders must sustain the security of their societies. Machiavelli explains that the security of the society is priceless and important to the electorate. The contract between the society and the leaders as explained in the social contract theory centers on creation of sa fe and secure societies. A country must employ its every resources in ensuring that its boarders are safe and free from foreign interference. Machiavelli’s doctrines and philosophies can help explain some of if his possible thoughts on the structure of modern society and the functions and powers of some of the state agencies.

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