Thursday, September 26, 2019

Reflection -Developing a Science Caf_ Program for Your University Personal Statement

Reflection -Developing a Science Caf_ Program for Your University Library by Jeanine Marie Scaramozzino - Personal Statement Example Having said that, this concept can always be expanded, once it gets started from the library. The library cafeteria may be the best place to start this since all types of people use the library and the word can also be spread about the event. Being a library based event the participation of students, scholars, and researchers will be high. But the necessary advertising should be made to the science interested public to make Science cafe more exciting. As far as I can see the number one method to attract people is the Internet. Since most people are addicted to Facebook, Blogs, and scientific forums, the organizers can get huge publicity on the event by using such technologies. For example by using a Facebook library profile the news can be delivered to the students since higher portion of younger generation is using the Facebook. Library’s blog can also be used by starting a new discussion on Science cafe. In the article it was stated that the feedback made by participators th rough Facebook and blogs were less. But, I think the feedback could have been higher if the advertising could be done using the above stated Internet technologies.

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