Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Death Across Time and Cultures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Death Across Time and Cultures - Essay Example Thus, although death is regard as a typical figure or outcome for all human beings, the conceptualization of death events and cultural practices vary significantly (AÌŠhreÃŒ n, P. 154). Among different cultures such as the Chinese, Egyptian and religious cultures, death is seen as a conceived condition that involves sleep, illness or attaining a certain age of life. In contrast, among the European cultures such as the Greeks, death is seen as a total cessation of life. Cultures that views death as a transition between life and death such as the African cultures and Buddhism cultures according to Anna Indych from the ‘’Death Across Time and Cultures’’ video episode sees death as a transition from one to other form of human beings. Similarly, among the Buddhist religious culture, death is seen as a continuous interaction between the living people and the death (AÌŠhreÃŒ n, P. 152). On a broad front, as Hindu cultures’ views death as circular patterns of multiple rebirth and deaths, the Christian religious culture views death as a final end of humanly life that involves no human activities after death. In addition, different conceptions of death as described by Stanley in the view episode in relation to the art of living and grieving, significantly influence the peoples’ way of life and lifestyles. Therefore, different perception of death outcomes for different cultures and people affects their degree in which they fear death, the readiness to die as well as the nature of expression of mourning, grieving and the nature of funeral rituals conducted (AÌŠhreÃŒ n, P.

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