Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Manhattan Bagel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Manhattan Bagel - Essay Example Since its inception, the association now has over 1000 franchise members, as well as 350 suppliers and 7000 franchisee members. Manhattan Bagel Franchise Manhattan Bagel always brings fame to the customer's desires for each varied sensation in flavour. It also creates a very uniquely attractive place featuring traditional as well as modern selections for their meals. The company is about authentic food for the real people, this serves in a way suggesting that each customer is a treasured neighbour. The companies’ authentic food includes, the award winning bake bagels and boil, and also goes right in to our appetizing and freshly baked food. The success of Manhattan stores depends on various factors, this includes availability of the suitable stores sites and securing of lease terms for new locations, also, should consider the company’s ability to obtain or acquire construction and also other necessary permits in timely manner, moreover, ability to meet schedules set for construction, the financial and capabilities of company’s main franchisees, lastly the company should have business and general economy conditions (Grumet). Its success partially depends on the ability it has to attract, contract and retain suitable franchisees and their abilities to open and also operate each of the stores successfully. To spice it all, Manhattan business may be subjected to changes in the products tastes to maintain consumers, local and regional economic conditions, national, type and the trends in demography, location and number of the businesses competing. The competition is always increasing in Bagel industry significantly with the increasing number of regional, local and national stores competition for locations of stores and franchisees, as well as their customers. The services offered by the company are standardized and maintained by the authorities’ regular checks (Grumet). It understands and also acknowledges that each and every detail or in formation that is valid to the company is given attention. Through this, the company maintains high standards in its operations and product demands are in that case increased, sold all over the markets by their stores while the reputation and goodwill is protected. Manhattan Bagel Strengths Manhattan Bagel strengths are seen in the company’s brand which exists with franchisee field support structure. It began at its inception and thereafter polished and honed ever since. The other strength of Manhattan Bagel is the senior positions in the management are filled with the veterans from the company thus bringing a very strong background operating the business. The leadership in the company is also very skilful and experienced in all supporting departments. Moreover, the program in the company extends the daily operations in individual store, from the right manuals supply to topical training thorough field support. Additionally, while the company strive to uphold the standards of their stated brands, it also works with franchisees on a consultative base through the Franchise Consultant network to help it improve by moving the brand forward. The company also has in-house culinary department ranking with the best in industry (Grumet). The culinary researchers in the company and seasonal chefs are considered to be constant quest for the future of the Manhattan. Through this, the company franchisees showcased and the cutting edge culinary prospered in the markets. Manhattans Bagel weaknesses Though many companies have gone into

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