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Organisational Chart Of London Heathrow Marriott

Organisational Chart Of London Heathrow Marriott Boots PLC has a hierarchical structure, in a hierarchical organizational chart; the Chief executive officer is the top rectangle basically the most powerful figure in the organisation/firm. The level underneath the chief officer contains high-level managers or directors, and each succeeding level includes the lower of the line above. Boots PLC also have a centralised structure. The Executive chairman has a span of control of five people the directors. Some of the subordinates of Boots are: Some of the line managers include: Ornella Barra Tony de Nunzio (Director) George Lumb Chris Britton (Director) Alex Gourlay Nick Land (Director) Marco Pagni Dominic Murphy (Director) Steve Duncan Mattia Caprioli (Director) Organisational Chart of London Heathrow Marriott (Source: Interview with the HR Manager 2010) The London Heathrow Marriott has a tall hierarchical pyramid structure; this particular structure helps the business to run smoothly and efficiently. Hierarchical organisational structures are normally used in large and complex businesses. London Heathrow Marriott also operates within a centralised structure which means the firm consists of a head office that will have the most power and retain major responsibilities. The General Manager has a span of control of five people members of the executive committee. It has a layered employment; additionally the chart also consists of a fourth layer of assistant heads of department and a fifth layer for the associates. There are also approximately twenty layers above the General Manager these include (Cluster General Manager for London, Regional Vice President, etc). The line manager of London Heathrow Marriott is Jayne Hillner the general manager and the subordinates include: David Thomas Dawn Packham Elaine Hudson Jim Shields Mike Taylor Comparison of the Organisational Chart of London Heathrow Marriott and Boots PLC Both the businesses have a hierarchical structure which helps London Heathrow Marriott and Boots PLC to be organised and run efficiently. They are also both centralised therefore the businesses can benefit from the decision making through an experienced head office or senior manager. Similarly, both the businesses have a span of control of five people- the directors in Boots PLC and the members of the executive committee in London Heathrow Marriott. The London Heathrow Marriott has approximately 20 layers above the general manager whereas Boots PLC have a complete structure with the CEO at the top. Functional Areas Functional area is a department or area which carries out specific business activity. Effectively, functional areas are used in businesses because it helps the business to be more productive, organised and efficient. In addition, functional areas are vital in businesses as it helps the business achieve its aims and objectives this is because specific departments are in charge or responsible for a particular aim or objective which makes it more easier, for instance: the sales and marketing area deal with aims linked to increase in sales or developing new markets, etc. Mostly businesses are organised in the following departments: Finance, Administration, ICT, Production, Administration, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. (Source: Carysforth, R Dransfield, M Neild and C Richard: Edexcel GCSE Applied Business, 2009) However, London Heathrow Marriott has the following functional areas: Front Office Food Beverage Allies Restaurant, Tuscany Restaurant, Room Service, Bar Conference and Banqueting, Executive Lounge. Kitchen Leisure Club House Keeping Human Resources Finance Marketing, Sales Events Engineering Maintenance. Administration (General Manager Director of Operations). (Source: Interview with the HR Manager 2010) Front Office The front office department is divided and split into a reception, concierge, nights and At Your Service. Within the reception, London Heathrow Marriott makes sure that the customer has checked in without any difficulties. At the concierge, customers can ask for directions, bookings for taxis and days out, they would greet the customers and take their bags up to the rooms. The Nights is basically the service provided at night. Another way in which London Heathrow Marriott indicates that they are supportive is the At Your Service department, it gives general help and deals with customers enquiries. By doing all of this they are taking care of their customers while they are accommodating, thus they have a pleasant atmosphere. The Front Office helps London Heathrow Marriott to meet their aim of guest satisfaction superiority because they would welcome and greet the customers this will keep them pleased and give them a sense of belonging with the service as a result the guests are more l ikely to visit London Heathrow Marriott again. Eventually, due to the service provided by the front office will allow London Heathrow Marriott to meet their objective of- Sales turnover  £20m because the customers would be satisfied by the service provided and as mentioned before they would either visit again or inform about London Heathrow Marriott to their friends or family, this would also increase their profit levels- another aim of London Heathrow Marriott. Without the front office guests wouldnt be served, hence they are more likely to lose their customers to rival hotels; this would decrease the turnover and profits, thus the associates wont be paid on time- high labour turnover and would create an overall negative effect on London Heathrow Marriott. Although, the front office allows London Heathrow Marriott to meet their aim of maximising profit but the most significant aim it meets is the guest satisfaction superiority because achieving this aim will then allow London Hea throw Marriott to achieve their aim of maximising profit as the more customers it has the more profit it will make therefore by keeping the guests satisfied London Heathrow Marriott is likely to gain more customers. (Source: Teachers Notes 2010) Food and Beverage The Food and beverage department develops and manages food and statements to decide how the Food and Beverage department is doing in terms of profits or budgets. London Heathrow Marriott has several restaurants to meet its customers expectation and make them satisfied. The Food and Beverage area helps London Heathrow Marriott to achieve their aim of guest satisfaction superiority as they are meeting the customer specification and satisfying their needs. The restaurants also are a source of income which helps London Heathrow Marriott to meet their objective of  £20m in sales. London Heathrow Marriott has a wide range of restaurants where the guests can have their meals such as: Allies American Grille this restaurant provides an American cuisine where they provide buffet, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This restaurant opens at 6 am and closes at about 11 pm Bar Hemia this is a bar where they provide different types of alcohol and snacks. Guests can also spend time watching sports programmes on wide screen TVs. Tuscany Ristorante this is an Italian restaurant, it also has a visible kitchen where the guests can view the chef preparing the food. Costa Coffee it is a coffee shop that serves coffee, tea, etc with a light meal as a side eg: sandwich. Room Service- this is where the guests or customers can choose their meal from a menu and it will then be sent straight to the room. Executive lounge in this area the guests can relax and interact with other people, etc. (Source: Phoned Marriott on 24/01/11) Kitchen In the Kitchen department the chefs prepare the food for events, weddings, conferences, etc. They are also responsible for food stock, in other words they have to buy the exact amount of what they need this would help Marriott to reduce costs. London Heathrow Marriott can minimise costs by bulk buying from the supplier and benefitting from economies of scale. The Kitchen department helps Marriott to meet their aim of maximising profit as the costs are reduced from bulk buying therefore it allows them to increase their profit levels. (Source: Interview with the HR Manager 2010) Leisure Club Housekeeping The Housekeeping department is responsible for public area cleaning, laundry and lost property. In order to keep the customers satisfied maids have been employed to clean the rooms at high standards. They clean about 15-16 rooms a day, London Heathrow Marriott cares about the health and safety of their customers hence cleanliness is one of their main priorities towards guest satisfaction. (Source: Phoned Marriott on 24/01/11). This particular area keeps the customers pleased as they fulfil the needs of their customers before any complaints therefore this helps London Heathrow Marriott to meet their aim of guest satisfaction superiority. London Heathrow Marriott is persistent in keeping their reputation at high standards so that they could meet their aim of maximising profit; the Housekeeping department helps Marriott to do so. Human Resources This functional area works with recruitment and selection, dismissal, payroll, employment laws, health and safety, training and legislation. This is a significant department for London Heathrow Marriott as one of their aims involves training and development, recruitment, pay and benefits and promotions to ensure associate satisfaction. Hence, by providing facilities such as training and recruiting experienced and skilful associates the London Heathrow Marriott is likely to meet this aim. The process of recruitment costs Marriott  £4000 so if they recruit the right associates suitable for the job they are likely to meet their objective of low labour turnover and also make more profits by cutting down the recruitment costs. Also, the HR department is responsible for IT and payroll. The IT functional area focuses on managing the businesses IT systems, setting up accounts for employees, updating software and hardware programmes, manage and updating the website and also backing up files . Moreover, the London Heathrow Marriott does not have an ICT section; the human resources department controls the majority of the ICT aspects. Also, the main office in U.S manages any problems and is also responsible to update the London Heathrow Marriott website. Additionally, the Marriott International had researched and found that having specialised employees working in America has a far more effective result in keeping information safe and dealing with technical issues. This reduces the London Heathrow Marriott costs and allows them in meeting their aim of maximising profit because they do not have to employ and pay IT specialist. The use of ICT such as internet in the hotel would keep the guest pleased because London Heathrow Marriotts target audience are businessmen or women hence many of them would require internet, therefore this would keep the guest satisfied which is an aim of London Heathrow Marriott. The guest satisfaction survey can also be filled online and analysed b y computers, this is cost effective and also environmentally friendly as not much paper is used. This helps the business to reduce paper cost and increases profits. All the data is sent to a centralised ICT department in U.S where the headquarters are based. However, this may take a lot of time but the costs are lowered through the use of less equipment, this also helps the business to meet its aim of maximising profit because the spending costs are reduced. (Source: Interview with the HR Manager 2010) Finance The finance department deals with the cash inflows (revenue made from sales) and outflows (paying for equipments, materials and wages). It is also about budgeting, forecasting sales and costs, monitoring productivity and banking (Source: Student presentations 2010). The London Heathrow Marriott sets budgets and aims to lower the costs. This department makes it easy for London Heathrow Marriott to meet their aim of maximizing profits, as the set budgets plan to lower the costs. The sector controls cash flow and ensures theres enough within the business to pay the associates and suppliers on time. Furthermore, Finance has a vital role when customers make a booking for a function or event at the Marriott. Quotes need to be accurate and delivered fast so that customers can make swift decisions about their requirements from the Marriott. Suppliers need to be informed and the finance department need to present the information to its customers. One of the aims of London Heathrow Marriott is : Marriott Profitability and Owner Return on Investment- To meet this aim the Finance department must make sure they are constantly checking their budget and keeping tabs on the expenditure. Marketing and Sales The marketing and sales department deals with the consumer needs (Carysforth, R Dransfield, M Neild and C Richard: Edexcel GCSE Applied Business, 2009). The Marketing and Sales department are also responsible for advertising and promotions, ecommerce, responding to sales enquiry and keeping customer records, research about customer needs through market research and surveys. It is important to find out what the needs of the customers are before launching a new product or service. The marketing and sales department also responds to sale enquiries and keep customer records. In the London Heathrow Marriott the marketing and sales department present powerful advertising and competitive pricing. Furthermore, they also do spy checks where an associate visits one of the competitors of London Heathrow Marriott to find out more data and also monitors Trip Advisor. London Heathrow Marriott has a strong link with many airlines, especially Emirates. Many Emirates employees stay at London Heathrow Marriott. Additionally, 95% of the airline employees stay at London Heathrow Marriott therefore if any cancellations or delays occur the London Heathrow Marriott is their first priority; Emirates take an equivalent of 120 rooms a day. (Source: Teachers Notes 2010). This allows London Heathrow Marriott to gain more customers and meet their objective of guest satisfaction and maximizing profits as they are likely to get more customers hence making a greater profit. Lastly, the department deals with loyalty programmes such as enhanced facilities, long stay discounts, warm welcomes and spirit to serve. The offers might affect short term benefits but there are also long term benefits such as the offers will allow more customers to stay at London Heathrow Marriott through the loyalty programmes, discount scheme, etc. The more customers London Heathrow Marriott gets the more profit they will earn which means they will achieve their aim of making a profit. London Heathrow Marriott also aim s to be profitable and in order to do this they must meet their sales target objective of  £20m- which the sales department is responsible for. Engineering/Maintenance Administration Production/operations Though the London Heathrow Marriott does not sell a product, the product does offer a service thus it has an operations department. This consists of kitchen and health club staff, cleaners and maids. They also ensure that the service is provided- this includes greeting customers, showing them their room. In addition, the department helps to meet their aim of satisfying guests; if the operations department satisfies the customers then they are likely to revisit London Heathrow Marriott hence this department helps to meet their aim of increasing profits. Marriotts Spirit to Serve- operations department deal with customers as they do not have a customer service department. The Spirit to Serve the customers is evident in the adage, the customer is always right. (Source: Interview with the HR Manager 2010) Customer Service Generally, businesses include a customer service department but the London Heathrow Marriott does not consist of a customer service department. They make sure that the hotel is presentable and that services such as the mini bar, towels in rooms, etc are replaced before customers can complain about anything. However, the customer service department does not exist, London Heathrow Marriott keep their customers satisfied throughout by serving the customers with all their needs beforehand. Instead the Front Office deals with any customer enquiries, etc it acts more like the customer service department. (Source: Teachers Notes 2011)

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