Sunday, February 9, 2020

Cold War Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Cold War - Assignment Example hereas Nixon’s administration seemed to continue this legacy of Truman’s anticommunist, he had eased out the tension with the communist block after becoming president in the 1960s although this rendered him to appear to be timid and indecisive (Johnson & Parta,2010). For the eight years that Truman was in office he won the war and brought peace to the world and created and maintained a foreign policy that managed to prevent the spread of communalism to the world. On the other hand Nixon envisioned a phase in which more cordial and relaxed relations among major world powers which would allow for ventures profitable to all (Johnson & Parta, 2010). Cold war greatly influenced many aspects of American society cutting across social, cultural life and civil rights movements. It led to litany of movies that were meant to promote patriotism, brought about racial inequality, establishment of fair employment commissions. Indeed this war left a great mark majorly on movies, art, poetry and sports. Cultural exchanges both formal and informal were common to help iron out cold war

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